Menorca, where landscape is history. Discover it through archaeology
  • Talaiot

    The talaiots, which are the public buildings of the village, are found all over the island. They are the most characteristic element of prehistoric Minorca, so much so that the Minorcan talaiotic culture owes its name to them.

  • Taula

    The taula enclosures are areas dedicated to worship that date back to the post-talaiotic times.Their name, which means table in Minorcan, comes from popular tradition and legends which say that they were the tables of an ancient race of giants.

  • Naveta

    Funerary structure found exclusively in Minorca . These collective tombs date back to the beginning of the talaiotic period. Their name is derived from their characteristic shape which resembles an inverted boat.

  • Circle

    The circles are the monumental stone dwellings from the post-talaiotic times. They were all built following the same pattern, and were divided into different rooms, each of which were dedicated to a different activity.

  • Hypogeum

    Underground vaults used for burials throughout prehistory in Menorca. Although their morphology, grave goods and chronology differ they were all used as collective tombs.

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