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Ideal at any time of the year, but especially on the hottest days. Tell us where you are staying, whether you are travelling with kids or elderly people and how many hours you would like to dedicate to archaeology, and we will send you a tailor-made suggested tour. If there is anything that you are specifically interested in, please make sure you let us know!
Prices (Each price is per tour, not per person.):
2h 100 euros/tour.
3h 135 euros/tour.
4h 160 euros/tour.
5h 180 euros/tour.
More than 5h, 20 euros each extra hour.
Courtesy transport for 4 people, please ask opcions for bigger groups.

Talaiot talatí

Poblado Talatí


Taula Torralba

Navetes Rafal Rubí

Galliner de Madona

Torre de'n Galmés