Islamic castle of Sent Agaiz (Ferreries)

Archaeology in Minorca is not all about prehistory.  On this visit we will take you up to the ruins of the Islamic castle of Santa Àgueda, which was the heart of the island during the time of the Islamic rule.

We will follow an old country road as it winds its way up under ancient oak trees and continue on the old cobblestone path up the mountain, which is quite steep in parts.  It will take us about half an hour to get to the top, where we will be able to rest and stroll around the castle ruins.  We will also enjoy the spectacular view of the western half of the island. On a clear day we may even be able to make out the silhouette of the mountains on our neighbouring island, Mallorca.


  • Duration: 2 hrs.
  • Distance: 3.5kms.
  • Set off time: to be agreed
  • Level of difficulty: Low.
  • Prices:
  •     100 euros (including taxes).
  •     Price per tour, not per person.
  •     If you travel alone, ask for special prices.
  •     Special prices for guided groups and old clients.
  • Payment: in cash.

Prices include:

  • Courtesy transport, 4 people max.
  •  Guided tour with an archaeologyst.
  • Mineral water