The prehistoric villages of Montefí and Torrellafuda

This tour will take us to the remains of what in its day were two of the most important prehistoric villages on the western side of the island, which still hold a special charm in spite of the alterations they have undergone throughout history.

In Montefí we will visit the three talaiots, prehistoric monumental stone towers, and we will explore the necropolis with its underground burial caves.  In Torrellafuda we will climb to the top of its majestic talaiot to enjoy the panoramic view and then walk under ancient trees to admire its enormous fallen taula that lies among the remains of the village.  In the surrounding area we will look for traces of its subsequent use in Islamic times (903-1287 A.D.).


  • Duration: 2 hrs.
  • Distance: 3.5kms.
  • Set off time: to be agreed.
  • Level of difficulty: Low
  • Prices:
  •     100 euros (including taxes).
  •     Price per tour, not per person.
  •     If you travel alone, ask for special prices.
  •     Special prices for guided groups and old clients.
  • Payment: in cash.

Prices include

  • Courtesy transport, 4 people max.
  • Guided tour with an local archaeologyst.
  • Mineral water