Who we are

Elena Sintes Olives

I am from Alaior, a little town made up of white houses on the top of a hill in the centre of the island, but I grew up in the countryside, amid cows, wild-olive trees and archaeological remains. 

Maybe that is why I decided to leave Menorca to study History at first and then to obtain my doctorate degree in Prehistoric Archaeology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.  After that I came back to work as an archaeologist,which I have been doing for  the last 9 years.  I have been the director not only of the digs of the Cartailhac premises at the Torre d’en Galmés prehistoric village but also the partial restoring of the village of Trepucó and the excavation of the Santa Eulàlia church in Alaior.  I have also participated in the archaeological works carried out at the Es Pas funerary cave, at the Ses Arenes de Baix sepulcher and the Islamic necropolis in Cornia.  Apart from this, I have worked in several elementary and high schools all over the island giving talks on the history and prehistory of Menorca.

In 2011 I pursued a postgraduate study in Cultural tourism through the Barcelona University.  My idea was to develop a project on archeological tourism that would make the archaeology of Minorca known to our visitors.  The result of that is what you can see here today. 

Sabina Llambias Pell

Historian (on maternity leave)
I am the daughter of an American mother and a Minorcanfather.  This has given me the best of two worlds: on the one hand, my beautiful homeland and on the other the English language. My parents have always instilled in me their love of Minorca and as a child my world was full of little coves, green fields and stone walls.  And, of course, of talaiots, navetes and taules, our characteristic prehistoric monuments.  Once I became aware of what they were, and I understood that under the soil the remains of long-lost ancient people could be found, my passion for History and Archaeology grew in me.  When I was eighteen I left the island to study at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, where in 2003 I received my degree in History, specializing in Medieval times. I spent the following 7 years living and working in Italy, a place I had always dreamt of going to. It was a truly broadening experience, and of course I was able to become fluent in Italian.  But as it happens, my homeland pulled on me, and I ended up returning to my roots and my beautiful island.  I am back to the study of history, but this time it’s the history of Minorca with the aim of sharing it with both its residents as well as its visitors. Hopefully people will realize that the island’s landscape and clear blue waters make it a special place, but what makes it really unique is its historic and archaeological heritage.